Three of My Favorite Lists for Personal Development

Keeping lists can be a fun way to track positive changes in your life. Here are three of my favorite lists, along with the reasons why I like them.

Yearly Milestones List

Keeping a Yearly Milestones List will help you understand just how much you've accomplished in the last week, year, and month. It is a great substitute if you can't be bothered to keep a journal or write a family history. As my own milestone list grows, I realize that I have something to be proud of which can't be ignored, and that's a very helpful thing to have when I'm feeling exhausted and starting to dwell on my faults.

List of Interests

Your biggest interests also reflect your greatest strengths. I keep an Interests List so that I can build on my existing gifts and talents and accomplish big things. I don't believe this is possible in any other way. As I review my interests, it's fun to update the list with new things I've discovered or memories of things I was interested in long ago. Sometimes those memories are like free clues to help you discover your purpose in life.

List of Favorite Books, Movies, and Other Media

Your favorite media tell a story about who you are. Someone who watches a lot of detective movies is almost always a natural detective, even if they haven't realized that yet. Someone who watches romantic comedies probably has a special gift for relationships and has likely put a lot of work into their relations. Someone who enjoys surf music probably recognizes the importance of going with the flow and living in the moment, and they're probably fun to be around when they're in a surf music mood.

I find that my list of favorite books, movies, and other media helps me find new things I like, and also helps me understand who I am and what my gifts are. Knowing and pursuing your gifts can help you conquer stress and exhaustion faster as you make changes on macro and micro levels to make life easier and more fun.


If you want to recommend any other lists, I'd love to hear about it! Lists are a simple way to understand the big picture of your life and appreciate what you can really do.

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