Examples of Coaching Outcomes

Here are some examples of coaching outcomes that my clients have enjoyed:

Better jobs and political appointments. I have worked together with clients to help them obtain better work and navigate (incredibly) complex chains of interviews.

One client simply wanted to confirm that his thinking about his ideal career was in sync with what we could discover about his unique gifts in developing creative technology.

A better handle on their business. Business owners sometimes hallucinate the composition of their teams, expecting those they work with to think and act the same way they do. When a surprise occurs that they haven't experienced before, they need practical advice. They are need to understand and appreciate the way others think while also protecting and achieving their own business goals.

I show business owners practical ways to harness hidden team strengths, opening up incredible opportunities that leverage the best skills of all employees. Yes, the win-win philosophy has a practical side, and I can share some key insights here.

Effective solutions to negotiations and other big business problems. An entrepreneur client used coaching to plan out how to contact and successfully work with a difficult past business partner when their help was required--an extremely touchy situation.

You can imagine the gritting of teeth that prevented this from happening before! The successful resolution of the problem required knowledge of both personality and relationship dynamics.

Increased life effectiveness and satisfaction. A client who had harmed himself through substance abuse and overwork in a stressful career field was able to put aside unhealthy behaviors and focus on leveraging his innate gifts in theory and strategy to achieve tangible, life-changing results.

Another client sought help in finding his north star after finding that he had been neglecting it, effectively punishing himself and feeling unmotivated.

Improvements in family relationships. I helped a client's son develop a more effective view of his gifts, get off the "emotional rollercoaster" that jeopardized relations with his parents, and start making tangible progress in life.

A feeling of being in control again. Faced with few positive options and running out of time and money, a client who did not know where to turn was able to make powerful, high-leverage decisions that brought much-needed structure back into her life, taking advantage of her structure-based gifts. These decisions were calibrated to her personality strengths and brought her a deep feeling of satisfaction that she was "in the driver's seat" again.

A renewed sense of family connection. A struggling couple learned which differences to set aside and which similarities to leverage when communicating in what had been a difficult marriage. They found cognitive functions so helpful that they posted lists of their personal cognitive functions on their bathroom wall.

In the big picture, an improved life. Each personality type code is a symbol of a unique developmental pathway. I am a witness to the thousands of little positive ways in which my clients constantly grow and develop as unique individuals.

The shoe that fits one person pinches another; there is no recipe for living that suits all cases.
--Carl Jung

If you're interested in learning how coaching works, please read What to Expect from Coaching, and contact me to schedule your first session.