Temperaments: An Introduction

Developed by David Keirsey and recently modernized by Linda Berens, temperaments describe why you do what you do and give a sense of your inner drive. Each personality type is a member of one the four temperaments. The four temperaments are described below, along with their four-letter personality type equivalents.

  • Improviser - Performing skillfully, with a drive to act now, be hands-on, and be as independent as possible. ISTP, ESTP, ISFP, ESFP. Any type containing S and P.
  • Catalyst - Drawing on intuition to build a unique identity and life-meaning; cooperating, valuing authenticity and pursuing an ideal. ENFP, INFP, ENFJ, or INFJ. Any type containing N and F.
  • Theorist - Driving toward mastery of concepts, knowledge, and competence; understanding and developing theories. INTJ, ENTJ, INTP, ENTP. Any type containing N and T.
  • Stabilizer - Being responsible, being a part of a group, drawing on tradition, and building on a sense of security and community. ISTJ, ESTJ, ISFJ, ESFJ. Any type containing S and J.

Temperaments can be combined with Interaction Styles to help you understand your needs, values, and preferred human interaction processes. The more you engage in preferred processes and learn to use them to your advantage, the more you'll feel motivated and in control of your life.

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