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Marc Carson is a professional coach and the owner of Marc Carson Coaching. From his office in Ukiah, Northern California, Marc helps clients from around the world improve their life conditions and reach important goals.

Marc also owns a successful and well-regarded website design business.

Marc initially began training teams and individuals as part of his website design work. He is an award-winning support specialist who enjoys helping others learn how things work. After conducting such training for years, Marc began studying teamwork and personality type in order to understand the needs of his web design business clients and their communication styles.

He quickly found that the results of these studies were applicable in all areas of life, including in his personal life. This stoked Marc's interest and led to the creation of Marc's coaching practice.

Marc is a "big loser," having lost over 35% of his bodyweight to overcome obesity for the first time in his adult life. He is an expert in navigating life change.

Marc has published over 200 self-help articles on his various blogs. He has also released several commercial publications on topics such as improving personal productivity and leveling up in life.

Marc's Other Interests

Marc enjoys the arts, including general areas like creating art and music. Long ago, Marc worked as both an illustrator and musician.

In his spare time, Marc can also be found keeping up with various technology interests including Linux, computer games, and ham radio.

Marc is an Amateur Extra-class ham radio operator and enjoys studying satellite and space communications. He has communicated with people around the world via radio. He has also provided communications assistance for local events including the Mendocino Coast 50K Ultramarathon and local emergency exercises for health care providers.

In his role as a local community member, and building on his experience of overcoming anxiety and depression, Marc has also published COMMS standards for emergency communications to help residents of Northern California better prepare for wildfires and reduce personal stress levels during wildfire season.

Marc is greatly assisted in his work by his Wife Megan, a marathon runner and international refugee liaison. Marc and Megan have three children and enjoy traveling together as a family.

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