I Know My Personality Type. Now What?

To get an immediate boost from personality type, ask yourself: What do I need help with?

  • If you need help with a work or family problem: It may help to immediately start identifying the types of your coworkers or family members. Start with the people you get along with best or like the most, those who are closest to you and easy to relate to. You will get the most leverage by successfully building up those relationships.
  • If you need help kicking a habit or reaching a goal: You might find it beneficial to review the cognitive processes and apply your preferred cognitive processes to the problem (don't know how? I'll write more on that later. For now, feel free to get in touch!).
  • If you are feeling stressed or exhausted, or are battered by negative thoughts, I recommend that you rest and read more of the specifics about your own personality type. What activates people like you? What drains them? What can you try next? Don't push yourself to do hard things--rather, push yourself to rely on your gifts and stay away from difficult goals for now.
  • If you don't have any problems: Wonderful! Although I have to admit, usually I find that my clients need to work on a cognitive process called harmonizing if this is the case. There are people who are facing difficult problems all around you. Pay attention to the way you interact with other people, and ask yourself how you can better support them in their personality style & needs. Surprise them by flexing your personality type to better work with their style. Allow yourself to learn to value others for who they are, and watch out for a tendency to want others to "Be Like Me."

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