How I Became A Personality Type Coach

This is a second job for me. (Sorry world, I couldn't work just one job.)

Early in my career as a web design business owner, I found myself struggling to communicate effectively with others. My business consultant and mentor, Michael Carroll, introduced me to personality type as a way to understand my own style and the working styles of others.

The more I learned about personality type, the more intrigued I became. When I embraced my core personality type and started to live more like someone of my own type, my anxiety started to go down. I found it easier to complete goals in a way that was more natural to me.

Using the same technique, I made a goal to lose weight and get in better shape. I lost 100 pounds. For the first time in my adult life, I was at a healthy weight. I couldn't believe the change. It seemed like I had never truly known happiness before. This felt like a significant change at a deeper, psychological level.

Before and After Photo >>

And yes, I kept the weight off.

Sharing My Experience

As you can see by the photo above, I look different now. At first, people didn't recognize the new me. I had lots of "Twilight Zone" experiences.

I remember coming across a friend at the park; I hadn't seen him in a couple of years. After I greeted him, he paused and gave me a horrified stare--he wondered how I knew his name, because he didn't know mine!

After that, people began to ask questions. Mostly: "What happened?" But also sometimes: "How did you do it?" or "How can I do it?"

I began consulting others on their personality types. I gave presentations to large and small groups. Experiencing success in this area, I contacted the Breckenridge Institute and became a certified administrator of the Majors PTi personality assessment instrument. The founder of the Breckenridge Institute, Mark Bodnarczuk, provided incredible mentoring and encouraged me to look into coaching.

Now that I'm officially a Personality Type Coach, I am excited to continue helping others to reach their goals.