Voicemail Coaching Pricing and Information

What is Voicemail Coaching?

Voicemail Coaching is a fast, cost-effective way to get exposed to a coaching experience.

A single Voicemail exchange consists of the following: One email from you, read and considered by me, followed by one thoughtful voice recording reply from me offering coaching, point-by-point responses, and ideas for you to consider.

Most voice replies are around five minutes long, and may go longer depending on a variety of factors.

You should consider listening to the Voicemail Coaching recording more than once. I also encourage you to take notes, and write down your own personal thoughts on what you learned.

Get Started Now

Voicemail Coaching Payment Link: https://paypal.me/MarcCarson/35

Please review the information below before making your first payment.


In responding to emails under 500 words, my current voicemail rate is $35 per exchange. If your email goes over 500 words, that's fine, and I'll let you know that I will need to dedicate more time, and we can discuss additional cost. (here are some word count examples).

Procedural Email

There is no charge for procedural email, like "can I call today instead," or "I am feeling great this week," unless those emails go longer and seem to merit a thoughtful coaching-type response.

How to Get Started

Please use the email in the sidebar (or below, if you're on a narrow-screen device) to contact me.

In your email, please explain why you are seeking coaching and give me some information about yourself. Write down any questions you have, or problems, or concerns.

When I receive your email, I'll send you a Paypal link that will allow you to make a payment whenever you're ready, OR you can use the link above. When I receive notification of your payment, I will schedule time to reply to your email.

After you've completed your first Voicemail Coaching exchange, the payment link can be reused, so you can pay without waiting for me to send a link. This makes the payment process easier.

How your Voicemail is Delivered

I will usually attach an MP3 file to a reply to your email.

If you would like to receive a link rather than an attachment, just say, "I'd prefer a download link" in your email. In this case I will send you a special link to download the file from Firefox Send, an encrypted file transfer system. Please note that these links expire, so make sure to download your MP3 file as soon as you can.

Continuing the Conversation

You can request as many coaching Voicemails as you'd like. Give yourself plenty of time to think about writing your next email. "Sleep on it" is a good rule of thumb.

Email Policies

I do my best to reply to all emails within one business day. I do not usually work on weekends.

I will keep your email contents confidential, respecting privacy laws in my jurisdiction.

I do my best to be respectful of your background, your beliefs, and your preferred communication style. Please let me know if you have any special concerns or needs in this area.

Please do not share Voicemail Coaching recordings with others without my permission.

A Note About Paypal

You may see the word "baggageclaim" in your Paypal records. This is due to another email address which is associated with my Paypal account.

If you'd like to use another payment service, please contact me directly.

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